About The Cause

Massage Without Borders is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide immediate or temporary relief for the massage therapy and healing arts community during times of natural disaster or other long term crisis. MWB gathers resources and funding to assist our community initiating and empowering local recipients to be self-sufficient during recovery from disaster and trauma.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Kickoff

   As spring turns into summer, Massage Without Borders is changing seasons as well. We have fundraisers kicking into gear, board members stepping up and stepping down, and wonderful ideas at work within the organization. Here's what we have going on...

Current Fundraisers:
   We have a giveforward.com crowdfund going for Leland Jones, an MT battling a cancerous brain tumor that needs six rounds of chemotherapy. Leland just finished round 4 and his tumor has been shrinking! Since the chemotherapy has been working, this means it is that much more critical we help Leland be able to afford treatment so he can continue getting better. Please consider donating any amount you can, whether its the price of a latte, a lunch, or maybe that jar of coins sitting on your dresser, every amount allows Leland to continue to heal.
   We also have our annual t-shirt fundraiser going on! They come in pink, light blue, or olive green and feature our logo on the front and a list of 2014 sponsors on the back. They cost $20 plus shipping and the funds go toward our Adopt an MT and Adopt a Student campaigns. Interested in ordering? Just email Treasurer Susan Clingman at treasurermwb@gmail.com!
  Stay tuned for details of our first online auction of the year! It's coming soon and you don't want to miss out on the great items to be auctioned!

Board Changes:
   We said goodbye to to wonderful board members recently. President Jennifer Wing and Executive Director Stephanie Block both had to step away from MWB. We will miss their dedication, giving hearts, and passion for our mission and wish them both well on their future endeavors.
   Sabrina Lopez has stepped up from her secretary position to president of Massage Without Borders, and we are happy to continue to work together with her on the Board. Mallory Sly (2nd VP) and Susan Clingman (treasurer) remain in their seats on the Board.
   Our other big announcement about the Board of Directors is that we warmly welcome back past executive director and founder Gloria Coppola back on the Board as 1st Vice President. Gloria will be a great asset to the organization helping us move in a positive direction of growth and prosperity. We are excited to be working together again.
   We do have positions open on the board for Executive Director and Secretary. If you or someone you know are interested in more details of these positions please send your resume and cover letter to President Sabrina Lopez at presidentmwb@gmail.com! We would love to have you on our team.