About The Cause

Massage Without Borders is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide immediate or temporary relief for the massage therapy and healing arts community during times of natural disaster or other long term crisis. MWB gathers resources and funding to assist our community initiating and empowering local recipients to be self-sufficient during recovery from disaster and trauma.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Kickoff

   As spring turns into summer, Massage Without Borders is changing seasons as well. We have fundraisers kicking into gear, board members stepping up and stepping down, and wonderful ideas at work within the organization. Here's what we have going on...

Current Fundraisers:
   We have a giveforward.com crowdfund going for Leland Jones, an MT battling a cancerous brain tumor that needs six rounds of chemotherapy. Leland just finished round 4 and his tumor has been shrinking! Since the chemotherapy has been working, this means it is that much more critical we help Leland be able to afford treatment so he can continue getting better. Please consider donating any amount you can, whether its the price of a latte, a lunch, or maybe that jar of coins sitting on your dresser, every amount allows Leland to continue to heal.
   We also have our annual t-shirt fundraiser going on! They come in pink, light blue, or olive green and feature our logo on the front and a list of 2014 sponsors on the back. They cost $20 plus shipping and the funds go toward our Adopt an MT and Adopt a Student campaigns. Interested in ordering? Just email Treasurer Susan Clingman at treasurermwb@gmail.com!
  Stay tuned for details of our first online auction of the year! It's coming soon and you don't want to miss out on the great items to be auctioned!

Board Changes:
   We said goodbye to to wonderful board members recently. President Jennifer Wing and Executive Director Stephanie Block both had to step away from MWB. We will miss their dedication, giving hearts, and passion for our mission and wish them both well on their future endeavors.
   Sabrina Lopez has stepped up from her secretary position to president of Massage Without Borders, and we are happy to continue to work together with her on the Board. Mallory Sly (2nd VP) and Susan Clingman (treasurer) remain in their seats on the Board.
   Our other big announcement about the Board of Directors is that we warmly welcome back past executive director and founder Gloria Coppola back on the Board as 1st Vice President. Gloria will be a great asset to the organization helping us move in a positive direction of growth and prosperity. We are excited to be working together again.
   We do have positions open on the board for Executive Director and Secretary. If you or someone you know are interested in more details of these positions please send your resume and cover letter to President Sabrina Lopez at presidentmwb@gmail.com! We would love to have you on our team.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 T-shirt sponsors

   I just wanted to post a quick thank you to all of our 2014 t-shirt sponsors!  You have made creating our new shirt a success, and we can't wait to see it on the backs of our coworkers, families, fans, and supporters. We are deeply grateful that each of you stand by us to support our mission to help therapists in need!
Thank you to...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


   Hello everyone! I know we have been a little quiet lately, but it's because we have great things in the works and can't wait to show you the final result! Our new board is confident that this year is going to be another great one for MWB, and we have wonderful things planned!
   So what are we up to? Well as you know from our last post we were helping Karen Heftman, a reflexologist in Illinois who lost her business in a terrible fire, and we had created an amazon wishlist for her. I am ecstatic to report that thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters Karen has received 19 items from her wishlist as well as some cash donations, and said she is beyond happy with what she has been blessed with. In fact, she mentioned to us that the only thing she really needs is a couple throw rugs. I have placed some in the wishlist if anyone feels compelled to continue the cycle of generosity. The link is: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/22AM4RXMGLXEE/ref=cm_wl_sb_v?reveal=unpurchased&filter=all&sort=date-added&layout=standard&x=10&y=10. We are so happy that we could help her transition of moving and restoring her business a little easier!
   We are also getting ready to print our 2014 T-shirt! Our facebook slogan contest was a success with our 2014 t-shirt slogan being chosen to be "Have a heart, lend a hand". We have a lot of sponsors this year and are excited to start makimg these shirts available to purchase so you all may wear them proudly and stand with us in our mission to help Therapists in need! Rock your shirt at work, at the gym, at your next CE class, or even just at home! Just know that as a Massage Without Borders supporter you are a part of our team! Stay tuned to our facebook page for announcements on when they will be available! Thank you to our MANY sponsors for your generous support!
   Want to meet us in person AND maybe win a basket of numerous goodies? Come see us at the Florida FSMTA conference in June, booth 610! MWB President Jennifer Wing and Executive Director Stephanie Block will be at the booth and would love to meet you! There will be a raffle going on full of lots of fantastic items, to be announced at a later date...but trust me you'll want to get in on this! Come by and say hi!
   Speaking of our board...we are looking to fill the position of 1st Vice President. Interested, or know someone who would be? Send us a resume and cover letter to Jennifer at presidentmwb@gmail.com! You'll be working alongside the board on day to day operations, and get to really get involved as a core member of our organization. Applicants with fundraising experience a plus!

Thank you ALL for hanging in there as we adjust to the new year and get the ball rolling. We have a lot of good things in store, stay connected with our facebook page for more updates!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Call to Action: Karen Heftman

Karen Heftman is a reflexologist in Illinois who has had to overcome a tragedy most of us could only imagine in a bad dream. She woke up one January morning and found out her business ("FEET by Karen") was on fire. The fire started in the basement of the building her business was housed in, and quickly spread. Although the fire was extinguished in three hours, her business, which was a dream come true, was now a total loss. Karen's liability insurance also would not cover anything she lost in the fire.

   As a massage therapist this story hits close to home. I cannot imagine the thoughts and feelings running through Karen as she watched her business burn to the ground. All that time, energy, and money dedicated to building up her business and all the memories those walls held as she matured it and was able to share her gift of healing...there was more lost than just the material things.

   Massage Without Borders has decided we would help Karen get back on her feet (literally) and we need your help as well. She sent us a list of all the things she lost in the fire that needed to be replaced and we took that list and made her an Amazon Wishlist. Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/22AM4RXMGLXEE (make sure to sort by Unpurchased). There are items ranging from a couple dollars to a little over $100. If you come across items you would like to purchase for Karen, add them to your cart and at checkout you will see the option to ship directly to her. Choose that and Amazon will make sure Karen gets the items! This is a great way to help her rebuild her relocated business. There are a lot of items on there, everything from furniture to cleaning supplies, from decor to office supplies,  etc. Every little bit helps.

   Want to help but would prefer to send a money donation? No problem. Head over to our website and click the Donate button. You can donate through Paypal that way, just add a note that it's for Karen's fund. Remember donations are tax deductible as well! We really hope you'll feel as inspired as we do to help this lovely woman get back to sharing her gift with others and rebuild her dream. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us...and again thank you so much for supporting MWB and everything we stand for! We're all in this together!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Passing The Torch: Gloria Coppola

   As said in our last post, MWB had an amazing first year. There were bumps in the road along the way but we all came together to not just help other MTs in our profession but also help each other as the organization grew into the non-profit it is today. With a strong Board of Directors to birth and develop Massage Without Borders, we really made a lot of strides. Now it is time for those members to step-down and say goodbye as a new eager group of board members come into place for the coming term.
   As they get ready to pass on the legacy they leave, they have given us advice, instructions, helpful tips, and big shoes to fill. I spoke with the "mother" of MWB, Executive Director Gloria Coppola about what she hopes Massage Without Borders does in the coming year and what advice she had for us who are stepping into these positions. Here is what she had to share:

In the last year we have seen MWB grow in various ways...what accomplishment are you most proud of?
   "I am most proud of a community that came together quickly to help our colleagues. ABMP, Massage Magazine, Educators and massage companies never hesitated to help the mission. I also want to thank all my students who were also right there to support every fundraiser event we held. I know without them, we  would not have been as successful. They are awesome!  As a result of all these individuals we were help to create a natural crisis fund, medical fund and scholarship fund. Quite an amazing accomplishment that I still cannot fully believe!"

What obstacles did you have to overcome during your term?
   "The main obstacle was learning how to run a 'virtual' business. It's very different than having people in an office. It took a bit of creative thinking and managing. It was no easy feat to communicate with volunteers, regional coordinators and board members in different time zones.   
   The other challenge is determining who qualifies for funds. It is so hard when you can't help everyone that is in severe crisis.  We did our best with what we had and what we were capable of doing while we initiated this non profit."

What would you like to see happen with the organization in the coming year?
   " I would love to see MWB continue to grow for our colleagues. It would be wonderful to get sponsors and grant monies for funds to help the MT's in crisis. In Nov 2012, we started with $0. Operating under emergency response was quite intense and I am proud to say we came out in the green.
   I believe with our new executive director and president, who have fundraising background, they will be successful in this project.  Now that the groundwork has been set, stay the course and MWB being the only organization that helps MT's in crisis, will go down in massage history."

Will you still be involved with MWB in some way?
   " I will be on the advisory counsel for MWB. How can I not stay involved? I have passion for this profession and love MT's. I am a helper, caregiver and responder. I feel the knowledge I obtained pulling this project together will help the new board members avoid some trials that we had to learn blindfolded."

What advice do you have for the new board members and volunteers?
   " The best advice I can give the new Board is EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. It is crucial for success. I was fortunate to have a strong team come together and their willingness to step up at any moment, at any hour. Develop a strong family. Know each other and how you can best compliment each other. One person cannot run this organization - it must be a team."

Anything else you would like to add?
   " I would like to say it has been an honor to be the founder of this mission. It was truly God's call, not mine. I realized through this project, that my career in massage has provided me many wonderful connections with my colleagues. Who knew that I would place a few phone calls and the responses to help were immediate. I cried.
   Without them, this could never have happened. Bill Fee, president stepped up immediately and never left my side no matter what hardships we had to walk through. I could not have asked for a better right hand comrade, the board secretary Kate Hudak; she kept me from pulling my hair out on many occasions (and I, hers).  Running any business requires a team and mine grew into a family I will always honor, respect  and appreciate, every board member, every volunteer, every sponsor that helped in any capacity. I am in awe.

   When I look at the accomplishments in one short year that helped so many colleagues because of compassion in our community, I know we are all blessed."

Monday, November 18, 2013

MWB: A Year in Review and Open Board Positions

   Wow hard to believe Massage Without Borders is one year old already. In this first crucial year we have done so much, and everyone who has supported us and reached out to us has been a motivation and inspiration. Let's take a look back at all that has been accomplished:

November/December 2012:
 -A former student and massage therapist of Gloria Coppola reached out for help in NJ after Hurricane Sandy hit and her business was destroyed.
-Massage Without Borders was born, thanks to Executive Director Gloria Coppola and President William Fee and several other massage colleagues.
-Thanks to several massage suppliers many tables were given to MTs in need.
 * This included 3 B American, Oakworks, Custom Craftworks, Earth Lite and Master Massage, One Concept and Massage Warehouse.
 * Massage Magazine and Massage Pro C.E. provided gift cards for some MT's to help with Thanksgiving dinner along with gift baskets also provided by Massage Pro C.E. (Gloria Coppola's Education company)
-The first Adopt an MT campaign awarded a $3000 check to Compass Spa which suffered severe loss after Hurricane Sandy. Owner Monique Frost is grateful and overwhelmed with all the support.
- $1,000 is donated to Lisa Mayer for her losses in Hurricane Sandy

January 2013:
-Volunteers start coming together from all over the country, and even a few international ones.
-MWB's first Online Auction filled with over $9,000 worth of product raises $4,475, and Nina Howard donates $1000 from a raffle that Bellanina, her company raised.
-Planning begins for National Fundraising event for May 2013.
-Virtual Benefit Concert airs hosted by The Massage Nerd, bringing in more donations for our colleagues. Some of our very own colleagues shared their musical talents, including David Lauterstein author of Deep Massage. Les Sweeney of ABMP stops by to support MWB with a Live message on the show.
-MWB gains more support from businesses like Bellanina Institute, Spa Success LLC, and Tiger Lily Studios,  International Spa Institute, Massage Promotions, Carteret Community College and educators Whitney Lowe and Erik Dalton speak on MWB's behalf.
- MWB T Shirts were released and ABMP helps sponsors along with co sponsors BioFreeze, Massage Magazine, Oakworks, Massage Connection, The Pampered Spirit, Massage Pro CE, FA Davis Co, DayBreak Geratric Massage, Freedom From Pain, Mother Earth Pillows and many others.

February 2013:
-MWB releases their new slogan : "Compassion, Cooperation, Community"
-Massage Without Borders blog is created

March 2013:
-MWB is featured in ABMP's Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Vermont AMTA's blog, and a newspaper in Missouri.
-MWB attends Kentucky and North Carolina AMTA conferences
-Aunty Margaret Humanitarian Awarded to Gloria Coppola for her work with Massage Without Borders by The World Massage Festival
-School posters now available to help spread the word about MWB
-Funds donated to scholarhsip fund by BonVital and Massage Book..approx $2000 total
-More and more schools join up for our National Event
- Massage Magazine continues their support monthly by updating readers with their online newsletter.
Our MWB volunteers from the UK

April 2013:
-LMT Julie Bunnell needs emergency brain surgery, MWB sets up GoFundMe accoutn and starts raising funds for medical expenses. Anatomy in Motion  helps MWB by posting on FaceBook to raise funds . Approx $8000 is raised.
-MWB reaches 150  virtual volunteers
-AMTA Oregon includes MWB in their newsletter
-Massage Without Borders is 501(c)3 approved!

May 2013:
-Artistry E-Auction goes live, with many items donated from generous artists
-MWB attends American Massage Conference thanks to One Concept
-Executive Director Gloria Coppola is interviewed by Hay House Radio on Acts of Kindness Radio Show

June 2013:
-National Event goes live, with donations coming in from many schools all over the US. Grand Prize is a LIFETIME scheduling service donated by Bodywork Buddy. This event raised approx $5000!
-Educational E-Auction & Telethon goes live, with many learning tools up for bid from generous massage educators and companies. This auction raised over $2,500!
-MWB is live on the MassageNerd show online again!
-MWB attends the FSMTA Convention, raffling off a large basket of goodies work over $1,000 to one lucky MT. Thanks to FSMTA for their generous donation to provide a booth for MWB!
Kate Hudak, Gloria Coppola, and Kaye Jackson Hughes at FSMTA

July 2013:
-MT Pamela Rapinan is badly burned after fainting while cooking. MWB assists in raising funds towards her medical expenses, and with the help of Anatomy in Motion posting on their fan page again. Approx $2000.
-National Holistic Institute's blog features a piece on Massage Without Borders
-Two students are awarded with scholarships from MWB, $1000 to a student in Dayton, Ohio and $500 to a student in New Mexico.
-Ink Cartridge Fundraiser begins, anyone can donate their cartridges through Funding Factory, who will donate proceeds to MWB.
- Grant Research begins

August 2013:
-Second scholarship fund becomes available.
-MWB signs up with GoodSearch, a search engine who will donate proceeds to the charity you select every time you use their site to search!
-First annual board meeting, lots of brainstorming and great ideas are born on how to better serve our community. Two new board members are inducted. Advisory counsel is put in place.
-Massage Without Borders fan page on Facebook reaches 3500 fans.

September 2013:
-Executive Director Gloria Coppola visits with the students at Florida School for Natural Health about MWB.
-2nd VP Tammy Parrish visits with a school in St. Augustine to talk about MWB.
-1st VP Shawnda Kettles visits with students at Southeastern Institute in South Carolina and chats about MWB.

October 2013:
-Two more scholarships are awarded, $1000 to a student in South Carolina and $500 to a student in Florida. Both students also received many other goodies such as DVDs, Books, and supplies from BonVital.
-Oct 29th is the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.
Volunteer/Student Nakia from Tennessee displays our poster in her school

November 2013: Restructure and Board Positions
-  As you can see it has been a busy year, full of accomplishments, kindness extended by strangers, and shaping and developing Massage Without Borders as a whole. Now as the year winds down we wonder what 2014 will bring. One thing is for certain, without all of the continous support from our friends, fans, volunteers, and colleagues, we would not be where we are today.

 Thanks you to all; the ones who share our posts about practitioners in need, the ones who spread the word about our mission, the ones who encouraged us over the bumps in the road, and the ones whose generosity make our mission possible.

What will 2014 bring? No one knows, but with the support we have behind us, I am excited to find out the next step we move forward in. We ask for your continued support.

If you are interested in a board position, please send resume to massagewithoutborders@gmail.com.
Positions for treasurer, secretary, 2nd VP are open January 2014.
 Many blessings to all, thank you for a great first year, with many more to come.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall 2013 Scholarship Announcement

   All of us at Massage Without Borders would like to congratulate Kaytee Thomas of the International Spa Institute in South Carolina for winning our $1,000 scholarship! Kaytee will also be receiving an Oakworks table, BonVital product, books from FA Davis Publishers, and a Massage Magazine insurance policy. We also congratulate Jennifer Tescher from Florida College of Natural Health on winning a $500 scholarship, along with a basket of helpful learning tools and products valued over $250! We hope that these ladies continue to enjoy their education and develop their skills to become outstanding MTs, and can experience some relief with having less student debt to be concerned about.
Kaytee Thomas, our $1000 Scholarship Winner
International Spa Institute owner Linda Beach and Florida College of Natural Health Director Linda Debarros are very proud of these students! Interested in applying for a scholarship? Keep an eye out on our blog, website, and Facebook page for when we will be accepting applications for next season's scholarship, and our next winner could be you!