About The Cause

Massage Without Borders is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide immediate or temporary relief for the massage therapy and healing arts community during times of natural disaster or other long term crisis. MWB gathers resources and funding to assist our community initiating and empowering local recipients to be self-sufficient during recovery from disaster and trauma.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Interview w/ Pamela Rapiñan

Pamela Rapiñan, a Massage Therapist in WA, was cooking at home one day when suddenly she became unconscious. When she awoke, she had burns all over her body. She had no health insurance and did not qualify for Medicaid. Her friends reached out to Massage Without Borders, and we set up a way for people to donate to Pamela's medical fund. Approximately $2200 was raised in about a month. We contacted Pamela to see how she is recovering and how she felt about her situation and the help that was given, and here is what she had to say...

How did you learn about Massage Without Borders and why did you reach out to MWB for help?

"Barbara Heard and Collette Wilson contacted Gloria [and told her about my situtation, asking if there was anything MWB could do to help. Gloria reached out and MWB set up a way for people to donate money to me via the Adopt an MT campaign]."

What kind of assistance were you looking for? What kind of assistance were you given through MWB?

"I was not looking for anything specifically, but I found prayers and words of kindness from all over the world, and amazing kindness from Anatomy in Motion who also helped MWB raise funds too. [Approximately] $2200 was raised."

How has the assistance you received from MWB impacted your life?

"It restored my faith in good things; I would have never been able to pay any bills [without the assistance from MWB]...I make too much income for state assistance and have not worked since the accident."

What has your experience made you most thankful for?

"I am most thankful for friends and random acts of kindness from fellow massage therapists."

Do you think Massage Without Borders is a valuable resource for our comunity? Why?

"Yes! Gloria was phenomenal, and MWB (Along with Anatomy in Motion) really stepped up when my friends and family could not. I am very grateful for all of you!"

Have you become a volunteer or plan to in the future?
"I don't plan to currently, but I will give back to those around me in the form of healing through massage."

Anything else to add?

"The detox off pain meds has been really awful and the continued support in prayer and kind words from my new friends all around the world has been so amazing during my healing! You really find out in crisis who your real friends are and I am forever grateful for the ones who gave tremendous time and energy at home helping me as I recover!

I still haven't figured out why the universe wanted me to go through this life lesson and am fighting hard daily to get back to 'Supersonic Pam' so I can continue helping people heal.

Be in the moment, choose happy, and notice beauty everyday and be thankful that you can."

Pamela after the burns in the hospital Pamela Now